10 Creative Things To Do With Decals



Everyone loves a great wall pattern but there are more to decals than you know. Give an old piece of furniture a makeover or use an unused wall space as a place to display your favourite saying.

Decorate a Staircase

Use decals to make your staircase a work of art! Something like these mouse decals or maybe a library of books!

 Give a Small Space More Meaning

Small space like laundry rooms or little nooks often go unnoticed...

 Add Fun Decals to Switches and Sockets

Add cute accents to switches and sockets!

 Give New Life to Your Ceiling

You don't notice it...until you notice it!

 Give an Old Piece of Furniture a Makeover

 Put Decals in Empty Frames 

More affordable than pricey paintings!


Check out this fun article from Home Design Magazine for more ideas and to get inspired to help your space tell its story!

 Browse wall decals by Cutouts Canada

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