10 Indoor Projects to Keep You Busy During Quarantine

Looking for ways to be creative and stay busy while under quarantine? We've got some ideas for you!

1. Learn to crochet and make this adorable Amigurumi Alpaca from Wool Patterns

Amigurumi Alpaca Pattern

2. Make or print a stencil and use it on almost anything from home decor to accessories and fabrics!

stencils patterns

 3. Make one of these cute and fun No-Sew Projects from Sewing Rabbit

no sew projects from sewing rabbit

4. Try to make these delicious and Easy Fudge Brownies with basic ingredients that you probably have on hand

easy fudge brownies

 5. Learn something new from a free online resource like Khan Academy


6. Make something old into something new with this amazing list of ideas 


7. Start (and try to finish) the Hardest Riddle on the Internet

notpron hardest riddle on the internet

8. Buy some plain terracotta pots and some craft paints to get started on a potted window garden to bring a little of the outside, inside

9. Read an old (or new) favourite book online with one of these free resources 

10. Use this BuzzFeed Guide to clean virtually everything in your home for a fresh jump into Spring

spring cleaning


Decorate a room with easy to apply peel and stick decals! Make a big difference with only a little effort.


mountain wall decals by cutouts canada

Whatever you choose to do with your time indoors, please stay safe and have fun!

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