5 Easy to Grow Low-Light Houseplants

low light house plants

Not everyone has ideal light conditions, but almost everyone loves plants. Use the guide below to find the perfect easy to grow, low-light house plant for your space.

 1. Devils Ivy (Golden Pothos)

Golden Pothos or Devils Ivy is an old favourite in the world of house plants due to the fact that it is so easy to care for and quite hard to kill. It grows in long trailing vines making it a great hanging or shelf plant. It likes indirect light so there's no need to have bright sunlight to keep him happy.

devils ivy

Find out to care for a Devils Ivy.

2. Prayer Plant (Maranta Plant)

Prayer Plants area  great choice if you want colourful foliage - they have a variety of unique designs on their leaves and come in a number of colours. Their leaves fold upwards at night like praying hands, which is how they got their name. Preferring indirect light, these hardy plants can stand to dry out before the next watering. Find out more about Prayer Plants here.

prayer plant care

3. Spider Plant

Considered to be one of the most adaptable house plants, it doesn't take much to keep the Spider Plant happy. Known for its many fronds, it shoots off little spider babies that dangle off the main plant. These babies can also be propagated into more plants! Find out how to properly care for a spider plant here.

spider plant

4. Dieffenbachia

If you have pets or children, the Dieffenbachia may not be a good choice as it can be toxic to small animals and children, but if you have a safe place to have a Dieffenbachia, then it's a great plant to own. It grows tall and bushy and can stand a variety of light including indirect light. Find out more about it here.


5. Snake Plant/Mother-in-Law (Sansevieria)

how to care for a snake plant

Snake Plants are a great indoor plant that can grow tall with luxurious leaves. They love indirect light and can even grow in bright fluorescent lighting, making them a great plant for the office. They require infrequent watering well drained soil making them an easy to care for beauty for any decor. Find out how to grow a happy one here.

What are your favourite house plants? Let us know in the comments!

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