Creating an Amazing Entryway in 4 Easy Steps

1. Hang a Mirror

Firstly, because it lets you take one last look at yourself on your way out the door, but secondly, a mirror can help brighten a dark area and also help define the space. This is especially helpful if the space you have is small or a weird shape.
Foyer with mirror

2. Make a landing spot

We all like to unload our stuff as soon as we walk in the door. Whether it’s a hook for  keys, a shelf for a bag, or a basket for hats and gloves, make specific places for items so that you get into the habit of always putting your things in the same place. You can do this with shelves that have drawers or partitions, or use wire or wicker baskets.

3. Add personal touches

Put up your favourite piece of art, or a favourite plant. Dress up your entryway up with a little something special.

4. Storage

It can be hard to hide a mess in a foyer. Entryways are often places where things can build up as you go in and out. Make sure you have a place to tuck things away like shoes, winter hats and mitts, umbrellas and the like. If you don't have a closet, use baskets and stylish boxes.
No matter what you do with your space, make it your own!
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