Home Decor Trends for Winter 2019

It's time to warm up with this year's Home Decor Trends for Winter 2019!

1. Scandinavian Comfort

Natural materials and textures combined with clean, modern lines make for a cozy yet sophisticated living space. Whether you're into minimalism or take things to the max, strategically chosen colours will pop against a clean, neutral background. 


2. Retro Combos


3. Plant Prints

It's easy to be green all through the winter by incorporating plant-based images into your home decor. Monstera and palm leaves defy the cold and darkness with splashes of green against white or other neutral colours.



4. Globally Artisanal

Handmade objects bring a sense of quality and self-reliance to any decor scheme. Express your love of diversity by showing off treasures from cultures from around the world. 


5. Subdued Glamour

If bling is your thing in 2020, make sure to keep it subtle and laid back. Shiny accents on furniture and wall decor create a sense of opulence and luxury. Purples and precious metals look and feel great together.

Whatever you do, make your room your own! Let us know what trends are your favourite this winter!

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