10 Home DIY Projects Under $50

On a budget? Get into Spring with these affordable home DIY projects that make a big impact.


 1. Paint Your Front Door

Bright yellow front door and porch with flowers

The front door is usually the first thing people see when entering your home. Make a great impression with a bright, welcoming front door color.
Don't know what color to choose? Take this quiz from HGTV.
Not sure how to paint a front door? Find out here.

2. Affordable Classic Carriage Doors

Carriage doors on garage
If you love the look of old style carriage doors you can get it on the cheap!  You can find magnetic adornments to give you the look or you can use outdoor vinyl with the help of Cutouts Canada.
We can help you get that custom, classic look - message us to find out how!

3. Charming String Lights

Patio lights in an evening backyard 

Simple and affordable string lights make a big impact! They dress up your yard as well as help create an inviting, well lit place for family and friends to gather. Hang them from the house to a tree, on a pergola, along a fence - they create the right mood no matter how you string them!

4. Stencil Your Patio

Stencil painted concrete patio in backyard

 Want to spice up your patio area? With a can of concrete paint or stain, a stencil, a high-quality stencil brush and a few hours of work, you can totally transform the look of a porch, sidewalk or patio with a custom tile design.

Cutouts Canada can help you make any stencil you want - message us to find out how!

Not sure how to paint your patio or sidewalk? This article will show you how!

5. Try a Pattern Wall

mountain wall decals on wall


Creating a pattern wall with vinyl decals is the fastest cheapest way to create drama and style in any room of your home. At Cutouts Canada we specialize in creating wall decals that give every room in your home personality and style. We always use high quality matte vinyl which gives your decals a professional, painted look. Our peel and stick decals are easy to apply & easy to remove without damaging walls or leaving residue behind. This is a great options for renters or people who like to change their style up frequently.

Browse the shop for a variety of styles!

6. Put up Curtains

curtains on window

 Curtains can make a dramatic difference to a room no matter the color.

Not sure what length to pick or how to hang them? HGTV can teach you here!

7. Update Your Ceramic Tile

painted ceramic tile in a bathroom

Just like your concrete patio and sidewalk outside, you can paint your ceramic tiles to give them an update. Use vinyl stencils to create a pattern you love!

Not sure how? Check this out!  

8. Update Your Kitchen and Bathroom Hardware

new kitchen

 A simple kitchen or bathroom is made instantly glamorous by the addition of brushed metal knobs and pulls. While you're at it, sand and touch up small dings and scratches that may occur while removing old hardware to give your whole space a fresh, new look.

Pro tip: Measure the width of your existing cabinet pulls before buying your new hardware to ensure it fits.

9. Whitewash Your Fireplace

whitewashed fireplace in living room

Remodeling a fireplace is generally NOT a budget friendly activity. Make it budget friendly with a whitewash! You can complete it on a weekend!

Not sure how to whitewash brick? Here you go!


10. Swap Out Your Shower Curtain

midwest style patterned show curtain

Perhaps the simplest and cheapest way to update a bathroom! A new shower curtain can really bring your bathroom to life - look for inspiring patterns or try a new bold color and soon you'll be feeling like you have a whole new room!


Whatever you chose to do to update your space, make it your own. Your space helps you tell your story!

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