How To Fake a Pantry

Want the perks of a pantry but don't have the space? We can teach you how to get the look and feel without the extra room!

Small kitchen ideas


 1. Open Shelving and Canisters 

Hang some shelves on existing walls to maximize storage space. Fill the shelves with matching canisters and containers to get a cohesive and stylish look. Intersperse the containers with plants and cooking related items that you use often. Your cookbook collection can go on these shelves as well.

2. A Sideboard

If you have room, a sideboard in your dining area or kitchen can add a lot of extra storage space as well as be used as a buffet table in a pinch. Use baskets inside and out to store pantry items for everyday. Find ways to style your sideboard for maximum use HERE.


how to style your sideboard


3. Cabinet Organizers 

If all you have is your existing cupboard space, use organizers to maximize how you use them. The Dollar Store is a great source of drawer and cupboard organizing items.

4. A Pantry Cabinet

A pantry cabinet will maximize the space you have, even if you have very little of it. Stock it with jars and canisters of dry goods and your pantry woes are over! 


space making hacks for small kitchens


Let us know what your favourite organizing trick is for your kitchen in the comments below!

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