How to Install Your Large Wall or Door Decal

 Have a large door or wall decal that you're nervous about applying? Use these easy instructions to help you get it perfect!

You Will Need:

Decal Vinyl applicator or old credit card
Level String
Painters tape


    Step 1) Using your level and painters tape, tape a piece of string to the wall where you plan to install your wall decal.


    Step 2) Tape the top corners of the decal to the wall using painters tape and place a vertical piece of tape across the middle of the decal as shown in the photo below. The decal should be placed beneath the string, which you can use to make sure your decal is applied level on your wall.

    Step 3) Remove the string and discard.

    Step 4) Remove the painters tape from the top left corner, and peel the backing paper off of the transfer tape. When you reach the centre of the decal, tear the backing paper off.

    Step 5) Using the vinyl applicator, firmly rub the decal from the centre point outwards to apply the decal to the wall.

    Step 6) Remove the painters tape from the centre and right corner. Repeat steps 4 and 5 on the right side of the decal.

    Step 7) Begin in a corner and slowly peel off the transfer tape at a 45 degree angle. Smooth the decal using the vinyl applicator to remove any air bubbles by rubbing from the centre to the edges.


    Enjoy your decal!


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