How to Install Your Pattern Wall Decals

There are so many ways to put up pattern decals, and no one way is right. That being said, let's break down some of the most popular ways people like to install their wall decals. Get ready to be inspired!

Boys room featuring Swiss Cross wall decals by Cutouts Canada


Symmetric Designs

The first thing to decide when installing your pattern wall decals is whether you want a symmetric or random pattern. Although symmetric patterns are a bit tricky to line up perfectly, a laser level can help you get those long rows straight.


Kids room featuring star wall decals by Cutouts Canada


If you want a completely perfect pattern, you need to measure your wall first, then decide how many rows and columns of decals you want. Remember to count the distance between each decal when calculating!

To help you get that perfect symmetry, you can use a pre-cut and measured piece of paper or cardboard to use as a guide when you attach the all decals. Simply place one corner over the centre of the first decal and mark the other corners with the next decals.

There are two main methods to achieving symmetry in your design: the Rectangle and the Five Corners method.


The Rectangle:

Rectangle spacing pattern for pattern wall decals

 The Five Corners:

The Five Corners method of installing pattern wall decals

Random Patterns 

Often the easiest pattern to achieve with your pattern wall decals is a random pattern. No need to worry about perfect symmetry here! The easiest way to start is by placing the first wall decal and then using a loose version of the Five Corners method by placing the next decals around the first in a less precise way than when trying to achieve perfect symmetry. Try and randomize the layout as you go and don't worry too much about leaving small gaps - you can fill those in later. Using the Five Corners method should help you avoid having too many large gaps and too many small clusters, which can happen with a truly random pattern.


Random pattern wall decal spacing


A fun way to use pattern decals is to cluster them. The cluster can be spontaneous and start from the middle of the wall, or you can cluster them around an element in the room - a mirror or picture frame. Clusters can also grow out from a corner or an architectural feature in the room.

Cluster design for pattern wall decals


Start by placing your first decal where you want it, and then begin placing successive decals around it in an increasingly diverse pattern.

Waterfall Designs

Waterfall designs are like clusters in that they start densely packed (usually from the ceiling, a shelf or a corner) and become more spaced out as you move downwards along the wall. This is a great pattern for polka dots, stars and raindrop wall decals.

Waterfall design for pattern wall decals


Rule of Thumb For Pattern Wall Decals

Generally, the bigger the wall decal, the more the space it needs around it. Usually bigger decals look good with more space around them than smaller decals, therefore the bigger the decals, the wider the pattern. Once you place a few decals, you can step back and see what you think - you'll get the hang of it in no time!

And remember, no matter what you do with your space, make it one you love!

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