How to Pick a Room Colour You Love

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It can be challenging to choose the right colours for your room decor. Read further to find ways to get inspired to pick that perfect colour!

1. Take a closer look at your favourite things

Do you have a favourite mug, blanket, notebook, sweater or other item that makes you feel cozy and special? Take a closer look at the colour(s)! Many rooms have been inspired by a single item like a mug or an old favourite sweatshirt. If you think about it, it makes sense to be inspired by elements of your favourite things. Plus they will fit right into the room when it's done! Keep an eye out for patterns and textures to use in pillows, linens or other accents.


2. Remember to pair neutrals with your bolds

Neutrals aren't the most fun colours to choose, but they are the basis for your room. Too many bold colours will create an atmosphere that might be hard to relax in. When using bold colours, choose them for accents in the room such as pillows and art. Wall decals are a great way to add a punch of colour. If you want to put some bold colours on the walls themselves, limit them to accent walls. Use the neutrals as your spring board to jump off of.

Think about the picture above of some of our favourite things. What colours would be the neutrals and which colours would be the accents? The shawl lends colour and textures to use as a base and the mug and blouse and brick wall suggest accent colours and contrasting textures. I think that palette would make for a very classy and cozy room!

3. Test your colours against furniture and fabrics

Unless you're planning on replacing everything in your room, remember to test your colours against larger items you intend to keep (like a couch or area rug). The last thing you want is to find out your chosen colour clashes with a large element in your room or to find out that you've picked competing colours or patterns.

choosing paint colours


4. Pick the right paint finish

Here's a quick run down to help you choose the right one:

paint finishes


5. Use testers

Most places have testers of paint colours or swatches of fabrics that you can get for free or purchase for a few dollars. Take advantage of these. You can paint a swatch on a wall to see how it looks in different lights, or lay a fabric piece against a couch or compare it with blankets and pillows for a perfect match.

If you can, make a room inspiration board. Paste up colour and fabric swatches and pictures of design elements you love. It will help bring it all together for you visually while making your plan.

Find out how here.

how to make a design board

We hope this helps you get inspired to pick some colours for your home decor project! And don't forget, our wall decals come in a ton of colours to match whatever you choose.

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