Organizing Your 2020

Do you feel like 2019 could have been more organized? Start this year right by using these affordable organizing tips for a more successful year! Cheers to 2020!

1. Organize with Dollar Store Items

The Dollar Store has almost everything you need to organize any space - drawer organizers, baskets and cubes, hangers, craft organizers, binders and folders, bazillions of containers of every kind and more!

Use plastic organizers in kitchen and bathroom drawers to keep everything in its place and easy to grab. Use baskets and boxes and cubes to hide items on shelves or stack them up in unused corners. Add a plant on top for extra style!

organizing with jars - cutouts canada 

Contain little items like paperclips, change, pens and pencils, spices or hair ties in jars and containers and line them up on shelves for a stylish look and easy access to items. 

PRO TIP: Make your own containers using items you already have around - tins cans, shoeboxes, plastic lunch containers, old tackle boxes and more. You can use paint and paper to co-ordinate with your other decor. Saves money and space!

2. Use Your Local Used and Free-Cycle Sites

Facebook Market and Pages, Craigslist, Freecycle - there are tons of places online to score cheap and free deals if you're willing to pick it up and dust it off a bit! When looking for items for organizing and storage, save a few dollars and help the planet by looking for furniture you can recycle. There may be things that don't work for you that might work for someone else as well so keep an eye out for items that you can sell or give away to someone else - think about having a garage sale!

Find out how to have a successful garage sale by reading up on expert tips.

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3. Make Notes and Lists Using Free Printables Online

Lists and notes are a major key in keeping organized and on top of things you need to do. There are literally a gazillion free printables online to help you do this. From To-Do lists to Grocery Lists, there's a printable for everything. Print out the ones that work for you and keep them handy so you can jot down something that comes to mind or cross off a completed task. Put a notepad on the coffee table, or make a board for the fridge - notes will help you keep on track.

PRO TIP: Read THIS to help you understand how making lists can change your life.

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4. Control Your Cords

Wether it's cords getting in the way of your workspace or cords running across floors tripping you up - CONTROL THEM! there are lots of ideas online for how to get those pesky cords out of the way - google some ideas - you'll find the right ones for you. A space free of unsightly cords, not only looks more organized but it leaves you free to work and move in your space without feeling tied down by mess.

PRO TIP: Here's an Instructable on easy and cheap cord management ideas.

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We hope this helps keep you organized this coming year!

Happy 2020!

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