The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Guide

Spring has Sprung! Use this room by room Ultimate Spring Cleaning Guide to get every room in your home ready for spring!

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1. Kitchen

The kitchen often stands up to a lot of abuse! Oil and grease can build up on floors, cupboards and items on your counters. Use a good grease cutting cleaner to wipe the inside and outside of your cupboards and pantry. Don't forget to wash out the fridge and sweep and mop underneath as well as vacuum the coils in the back. If you have a self cleaning oven, set time aside to run a cycle. If not, find a good oven cleaner to make the job a little easier.

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2. Living Room

Vacuum - everything! Carpets, upholstery, lampshades and rugs. Remember to get the dust on the baseboards and to use your edger along the bottoms of walls. Dust or wipe down all surfaces and clean off any glass in the room such as mirrors, windowsills and TV screens (make sure its safe to use on your screens first!) Wash any decorative items you can such as throw blankets or pillows. If you have blinds or curtains, give them a dust or throw them in the washer to get the dust out.

3. Bedroom

When you are washing all your bedding - sheets, blankets and throws - also wash your pillows or consider replacing old ones. Flip or rotate your mattress while the sheets are off! Look under the bed and in your closets and consider what items you can get rid of to make more space. When the floor is clear don't forget to vacuum your carpets and rugs and/or wash the floor.

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4. Bathroom

Wash your shower curtain and bathmat while you are scrubbing the tub and shower. Wipe off all surfaces that you usually miss and wipe down/dust any decorative items that you have around. If you store any towels that rarely get used you might consider giving those a refresh in the wash too. When you're all done, wash the floor with a good disinfectant.

5. All Over Clean

Pay attention to the little areas that don't get cleaned all the time - baseboards, blinds and curtains, windowsills, lampshades, light fixtures and windows. Don't forget to wipe walls, especially in the kitchen, entryways and other high traffic areas. Air vents gather a lot of dust over time as well so pull them out and give them a good dusting with the vacuum. Sweep off porches and entryways. Check the batteries in your smoke detectors and and other items. Disinfect laptops and computer keyboards and wipe the screens free of dust and dirty fingerprints. Gather seasonal items that wont be used and dry-clean or wash them and store them away for the summer - you'll be thankful you did in the fall!

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