This is What Living Rooms Looked Like 50 Years Ago

Take a look at the ideal living rooms of the 1970's

1970's living room

Colours like brown, yellow and orange took centre stage


1970's living room

Bold patterns and graphic design were all the rage


retro living rooms


Speaking of bold, people were NOT afraid to use colour every once in a while!



Some rooms featured amazing architectural wonders



A personal favourite from the 1970's - the sunken living room


1970's living rooms 


Wood panelling made for some dark and cozy places...


wood panel 1970's living room


I can almost see the people lounging in this retro beauty of a living room!


retro 1970's living room



1970's kitchen, complete with a modern couple


1970's kitchen


What do you think? Could you handle all that brown? Let us know what your most favourite and least favourite living room design elements were from the 1970's in the comments below.




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