Why Wall Decals are Better Than Wallpaper

Messy wallpaper removal

Want the look of wallpaper but are afraid of the commitment? 

 Wallpaper can look great, but the long term commitment is a big step! We'll show you how to get the look without the long-term relationship.


1. Wallpaper is time consuming and messy to put up

 Wall patterns look great but putting up wallpaper is time consuming, requires a lot of equipment and it's messy! Even installing pre-glued wallpaper is a complex and sloppy job.

Hanging wall paper


Wall decals give you the same ability to add a colourful pattern or accent to your walls without the mess and equipment. Some decals are as easy as peeling them off the backing and sticking them up on your wall!


Baby nursery featuring Mountain wall decals by Cutouts Canada


2. Wallpaper can't be customized

 Well, maybe it can be...but it won't be cheap! We create custom decals, so you can have virtually any shape or design you want! This means you can find the exact design and size you want - match a design or colour on fabric you already have, or get a custom name decal for your child's room - the possibilities are endless. 

 Boys room with Swiss Cross wall decals by Cutouts Canada


3. It's hard to change wallpaper when you want a new look

Trends come and go faster than ever these days - blink and you're out of style! Wall decals are as easy to change as your outfits, but that's not so true of wallpaper. Never-mind the messy and time consuming application (which no one will want to repeat very soon), removing wallpaper is the absolute WORST (see below). Heading out of the 70's and 80's and into the 90's required a lot of wallpaper removal - houses looked dated for too long because people dreaded having to pay for wallpaper removal and didn't want to venture into the horrid task of removing it themselves. Wall decals help you stay perfectly on trend - change them as many times as you want!


1980's rainbow wallpaper room


4. Removing wallpaper is worse than putting it up 

The only thing worse than putting up wallpaper is taking it down. Like we mentioned, people avoided taking it down in the past which lead to outdated and ugly homes. Even when you get it down, you have to clean and sand your walls to try to get them smooth again. I don't know about you, but that's too much work for us. Patterns come and go - decals help you keep it fresh without all the work.


Cup_of_hygge instagram bathroom featuring Cactus wall decals by Cutouts Canada



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