Working at Home in Small Spaces

Many of us don't have whole rooms to convert into a work space - check out these ideas for turning small spaces into functional work areas.



If all you have is closet, you can still turn it into a great workspace. Make sure to provide yourself with good lighting and unique ways to store the things that you need on hand. The closet converted to a workspace above uses a small peg board to provide functionality to a tiny area.



If you have limited closet space to convert, you can also use small nooks for work spaces. The space above uses shelves for supplies and equipment to provide more working area on the desk.



Under the stairs (if you have them!) is also another small area that can be used for more than storage.



Sometimes all you have is one room. This space above uses the often neglected area between the end of the bed and the wall for a simple desk and chair. It may seem simple, but its a great area to get some work done!



If you are worried about filling up your living space with a WFH area, try using white to alleviate some of the weight of the furniture. The workspace above blends into the walls and the shelves are barely there.



Look for desks with minimalist design for small spaces. Less bulky pieces will give a sense of more space.



If you're lucky enough to have a window, and you're a little handy, you can build in an easy desk with plywood. 



If you have space in a corner, finding a small corner desk or making one yourself with two small straight desks, gives you an incredible amount of working area.



Don't forget that the end of the hall is a great place to make a work area for yourself. Just like a closet, make sure you purchase some good lighting for yourself.


Whatever you do with your space, make it your own!

And don't forget to browse wall decals to help give your WFH space some personality.


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