Adding Geometric Style to Your Decor

There are lots of ways to spruce up your decor with modern style, but geometric patterns are one of our favourites. Here are some ideas for adding geometric elements to any room with Wall Decals.

mountain wall decals by cutouts canada

 Geometric shapes can be simple and basic (like hexagons or triangles) or they can be simplistic versions of natural shapes (like the Mountain Wall Decals above). They can grouped together, or spread out in a pattern.

Here are some examples of different ways you can place both simple and complex geometric decals on your walls:

hexagon wall decals by cutouts canada 

geometric wolf wall decals by cutouts canada

 star wall decals by cutouts canada

Our Wall Decals come in a ton of colours! When choosing a colour for your geometric wall decals, decide of you want a complementary or contrasting colour. Take note of the colour theme of your room. Remember we also offer metallic colours to add that extra touch!

colour chart cutouts canada

Here's a great example of modern geometric shapes in metallic gold and dark grey!

geometric shapes wall decals by cutouts canada

To learn more about decorating with Geometric shapes, check out our Favourite Kids Room Trend of 2020!

For more information on how to place your wall decals, take a look at How to Install Your Pattern Wall Decals

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