Craziest Craft Room Ideas 2

Get ready for another instalment of Craziest Craft Room Ideas!

We love taking a look at what you can do with a craft room when budget isn't an issue.


Do you sew? Take a look at this set-up. Ultimate Sewing Box indeed!

Crazy Sewing Room - Ultimate Sewing Box


Check out this dream craft room - imagine having that much storage!

Dream craft room idea


If you have an extra kitchen in your home, you can turn it into a craft room too!

kitchen turned into a craft room


At the other end of the space spectrum, a craft room can fit into a closet as well!

craft room in a closet


This closet craft room uses space to the max! Great storage ideas.

closet craft room with storage


If you have lots of odds and ends like buttons and sequins, and lots of wall space, you can store them in jars - how organized!

Storage ideas for craft rooms - spice jars with odds and ends


Last but not least, this kids craft room is still the craziest we've seen!

crazy kids craft room


No matter what space you make - make it your own! Check out our shop for affordable ways to decorate your space.


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