How to Add Natural Elements to Your Home Decor

Bringing natural elements into your home is an easy way to freshen up your space and get ready for Spring. 


Houseplants are an easy and affordable way to bring nature inside. They can be tall plants or short plants or small plants or big plants! Put them on shelves, tables or in windows. You can hang them or place them on surfaces. For low-light spaces, use this guide to growing low-light indoor plants.


Wood furniture or other decor items such as wood boxes, display pieces of driftwood or wood flooring bring an obvious natural element to any room. It's also functional and easy to clean. Throw down some area rugs over top for a lush feel - faux fur or hand woven rugs work well.

Natural Light

Bright, natural light will liven up your room. Make the most of what you've got by using light coloured curtains and avoiding heavy materials.

Natural Art

Maybe you have a seashell you found on a favourite trip or a picture you took on vacation one year? Use things like mementos and photographs to bring some nature indoors. Let your art reflect the natural elements you love!


When choosing colours for your room, choose muted colours that you find in nature - like blues, greens and browns. If all else fails, choose a bright white backdrop and use other items in your room to add colour and texture.

BONUS: Vinyl Wall Decals

mountain wall decals by cutouts canada

You can add natural elements to any room in your home with vinyl wall decals. Choose natural shapes like mountains, trees, a variety of animals or outdoor activities like camping. We have a range of colours to suit every need. Easy to put on and easy to take off! 


Have fun bringing the outdoors, indoors with these tips!

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